Mark Ambrose is a veteran, conservative and leader from Bloomfield Township, MI. Today, he lives under a mile from where he grew up.  

If there are some central themes that have summarized Mark’s life from when he was young until now – it’s achievement and leadership.  Sit down and talk with Mark for 5 minutes and you’ll see what everyone else sees.



Born and raised in Bloomfield Township, Mark is a 1988 graduate of Brother Rice High School.

After graduating high school with honors, Mark earned the right to attend the prestigious U.S. Military Academy at West Point. That experience and his subsequent years of service allowed him to build lifelong friendships with servants and patriots, who would sacrifice whatever was required for the country we all love.  After graduation, Mark’s first assignment was as a tank platoon leader and he was on active duty during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Mark also had assignments in Airborne School and Air Assault School throughout his military career.

After his tours of duty in Korea and Kentucky, Mark spent a few years at Columbia University in New York City, studying International Affairs and Business where he earned an MBA and a Masters of International Affairs. After graduation, Mark joined Citibank and he was relocated to Los Angeles where he met the love of his life, Ann, a Deputy District Attorney whose heroic fights for justice keep him in awe still today. 

Ann and Mark had two boys, but when they were expecting their daughter, they realized the liberal culture of California and the public policies being pushed there were not going to fit the family environment they wanted to build so they decided to come home to friends and family in Oakland County.

That was one of the best decisions of their lives.

Mark has spent 24 years in the financial services industry and earned his designation as a Chartered Financial Analyst. As someone well respected in the financial industry with a deep set of skills and education, Mark could help shape responsible economic policies that would allow us to tackle inflation that has gotten out of control under the Biden Administration.

Mark’s time in the military fortified his belief in peace through strength but it also expanded his perspective of our military’s service to our nation.

As an Army Reservist, he also had a chance to work along the Mexican border in Arizona. Seeing the devastation wrought by human trafficking and the drug trade, even in that short time, convinced him of the need for secure borders and steadfast support for law enforcement. 

Like an ever-growing number of families today, Mark and Ann’s family has been touched by autism. They have built a home filled with love and laughter but have also struggled with the feeling of helplessness, as their son was kept out of school and away from the services he needed, due to Covid restrictions. One of Mark’s priorities in Congress would be to champion additional resources to support our autistic community and to find a cure for this terrible disease.

Mark Ambrose. Veteran. Conservative. Leader.

Mark’s not a politician, he’s just a loving Dad with a life of achievement and skills which will represent us well in the United States House of Representatives for the 11th District of Michigan.