Ambrose Also Picks Up Two Major Local GOP Endorsements in Esshaki and Bishop

Bloomfield Hills, MI – Today, the Mark Ambrose for Congress campaign announced the endorsement of four prominent, local Congressional-related Republican leaders.

In April of 2022, there were four candidates running for Michigan’s 11th Congressional District Republican Primary. These candidates were Mark Ambrose, Josh Bitterman, Gabi Grossbard and Matthew Denotter. However, both Bitterman and Grossbard have since left the race and only Ambrose and Denotter remain. Today, both Bitterman and Grossbard endorsed Ambrose for Congress.

Additionally, the Ambrose campaign picked up the support of former 2020 11th District Republican nominee Eric Esshaki and former Congressman from Oakland County, Mike Bishop. 

Former Congressional candidate, and business leader Josh Bitterman gave his support to Mark Ambrose, saying:

“As a recent candidate to represent Michigan’s new 11th District in the United States Congress, I had the privilege of first meeting Mark Ambrose and his wife Ann this past March. I was immediately taken in by Mark’s genuineness, his background and his principled reasons for feeling called to serve his country once again. As I have gotten to know him better and have observed his depth of knowledge and experience – including being a West Point graduate, a former tank commander, and having a distinguished career in financial services – I couldn’t be more convinced that he is the right person to help overcome the significant challenges of our day including: runaway inflation, skyrocketing gas prices, border security and geopolitical concerns. And perhaps most importantly, it is his character and integrity that have impressed me most. Mark is a dedicated and loving husband and father who will work tirelessly to restore smart policies to meet the needs of hardworking Michigan families in our district. I am proud to endorse Mark and will do whatever I can to ensure he will defeat Haley Stevens or Andy Levin and their disastrous policies this November.”

Former Congressional candidate, fellow veteran, and auto executive Gabi Grossbard also endorsed Mark Ambrose. He sent out the following message to his supporters on social media and email saying:

“I am endorsing a great, America First Candidate – Mark Ambrose. He (Ambrose) is a veteran who believes that we must take care of American Citizens first and he is not beholden to the pharmaceutical industry. Please visit and if his message resonates with you, please support him.”

2020 former Republican nominee for the 11th Congressional District, accomplished Birmingham Attorney and Republican leader Eric Esshaki endorsed Ambrose today, as well. Esshaki said:

“There is no one better than Mark Ambrose who exemplifies the conservative principles and values that make our country great. I love that Mark is not a politician. He is a business leader, a community leader and a Dad. Mark believes, as I do, that our political system is broken and that we need new leaders to stand up against the Biden/Pelosi agenda, to support policies that address overspending in Washington and to curb inflation, to secure our borders and also fight for those who are unable to fight for themselves. I look forward to watching Mark defeat Haley Stevens or Andy Levin in November.”

And Former Michigan Congressman and Michigan Senate Majority Leader Mike Bishop called Mark a “voice of reason” and highlighted his leadership skills in his endorsement, saying:

“As a West Point graduate and as a veteran who served both overseas and at the southern border, Mark has a proven his ability to lead, but he is also someone with a broad understanding of global economics and international relations. Mark Ambrose is a rare voice of reason in an ever-more dysfunctional political world and I believe he is best suited to represent the 11th District. I, therefore, proudly endorse Mark Ambrose for Congress.”

For more information about Mark Ambrose for Congress, please visit his website at or email the campaign at